5 Things to Consider Before Your Kitchen Remodel

There are many moving parts to any remodeling project. Before you consider remodeling your kitchen, we’ve put together 5 simple steps for you to consider so that your dream kitchen can become a reality.

1) How Much Should You Spend?

Remember when it was easy to budget? This is the first question that often comes up during our consultations and it often depends on outside factors. Since the kitchen is the most lived in space in your home, many see it is an investment that helps increase the value of your home and increases the quality of your daily living routines. Having the right amount in your remodeling budget makes the most sense as an investment since the outcome has an immediate return that is measurable.

Now that you have a better understanding of your remodeling budget, you should make any necessary adjustments to allocate enough money so that you can choose the best finishes and quality features to make your family a new kitchen.

2) Does it Make Sense to Relocate the Kitchen or Keep it in the Same Place?

We have come across this many times over the years but actually going through with moving the kitchen is rare. Yes, moving the kitchen can increase the available space and allow for more potential layouts but there are often better alternatives that won’t increase your budget as much.

Moving the kitchen to a new location involves major changes to the homes plumbing and electrical, not to mention strengthening the structural integrity of the room. Maybe a better alternative would be to consider if you convert your first floor bath or laundry room into a kitchen space instead. In this setting, a galley kitchen would be a perfect option, one that gives you the desirable features you’re looking for such as an island.

3) What About Using Green Design and Using Natural Materials?

No one can argue the benefits of using natural materials to help make a difference in the world we live in. You an easily create a more comfortable living space using such materials as green flooring, energy efficient lighting, and recycled materials. Not only can this yield a better kitchen design bu also help reduce utility and maintenance costs in the future

For example, think of using salvaged building materials or refinishing your existing cabinets instead of getting new. Building with Eco-friendly materials opens the door to many new opportunities with new trends in the industry. It just keeps getting better and better.

4) How Can You Find the Best Kitchen Remodeling Contractor?

This is not a trick question. We feel that this is the most important decision when considering making this investment. This decision ultimately affects whether the materials will be installed correctly up to code and if your design reaches its full potential.

5) What’s the Difference Between Big Box Store Design and a Local Kitchen Remodeling Firm?

You have many choices to make when deciding on designing your kitchen. The question is who do you feel most comfortable with and who has the best experience. Remember this is a major upgrade to your home and the decision should not be made on price alone.

Finding a contractor that you can trust and get the job done the right way can be a challenge. We suggest to look around at stores and online so you can have an idea how you want your kitchen to look and feel. Ask your friends for referrals and make sure you ask to see the contractors portfolio. You want to hire a contractor that has a solid reputation and a lite of happy clients. Price is a small factor as this point. Saving money upfront could lead you to spending more money later on if the job isn’t done right or not what you wanted.


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