Cost of a Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom Remodeling Project

In case if you were wondering, remodeling your bathroom is not the same as your bedroom. It’s not too difficult to rearrange furniture in a bedroom but with a bathroom your not dealing with visible elements but the underlying structure of the plumbing and electrical wiring. Relocating your toilet or the location of your shower can cost you a fortune. Having this knowledge and considering this beforehand will help save you.

A general timetable will need to be established also if your bathroom remodeling will require structural changes and surface alterations.

High Plumbing Costs

Plumbing drives up the cost of bathroom remodeling projects because the issue of running new pipes to provide water and drainage to a sink. Also, moving the toilet drain/vent system and the waste water system can be challenging.

Avoid Mold

Being proactive with moisture levels in your bathroom will help save you money in the future because new walls and ceilings will help prevent mold. In bathrooms, special moisture resistant drywall (green board) is used in wet areas as a moisture-proof backer board instead of traditional drywall.

Focal Points

The sink, tub and shower area are the focal points of the bathroom. If your existing fixtures are beyond repair, consider an economical self-repair with a new acrylic or fiberglass refinishing. For example, installing bathtub liner.

Many home owners prefer installing pre-fabricated acrylic or fiberglass tubs and showers because they need no on-site building. While this can be a much more affordable option, one needs to consider not buying a unit that is too big to fit through the doorways.

No More Cold Bathroom Floors

Bathroom flooring options should equally be as important when making decisions in a high moisture environment. Ceramic tiles are a favorite amongst most but laminated flooring can also be good enough. Hardwood flooring should be avoided in the bathroom simply because it does not tolerate moisture well. Installing radiant floor heating is a great feature to have under your bathroom flooring.

Additional Costs to Consider

If your house has a concrete slab foundation the more difficult it will be to install new drains. If you have a raised foundation the new pipes can be run through the floor joists. If the bathroom is on the second floor the plumber can access them through floor-joists. Both ways involves added expenses due to the extra labor and rebuilding costs.

Overall cost considerations for a bathroom remodel is smaller than other rooms in the house. Some homes have multiple bathrooms and the return on investment is much less when compared to other living spaces such as the kitchen.

Most of the expenses in a bathroom remodeling project are associated with the intensive amount of sub-contracting with plumbers and electricians. Quality fixtures and cabinets also add to the bathroom remodeling expenses. Consider doing a bathroom and kitchen remodel at the same time to avoid the cost of bringing in new contractors.


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